The stick sports

Well you have A new android device and you don’t know what to do, You download a few games still not good try these 3 games with Stick man as Hero. Well these games can make you addicted to playing them day-in and day-out. So here are the games I am talking about.


1.Stick cricket: If you are a cricket fanatic this is the game you are looking for the smooth game play and the simplicity is all you should try this game for it is one of the best cricket games available for Android. The simple 2 button control in this game makes it easy but fun and as they the makers of the game quote “Easy to play yet difficult to master” so head down to the play store and download it also it completely FREE.

Download from :

Price : Free.

2.Stick Tennis If you are a tennis fanatic this again is the game you are looking for it offers fast and fluid gameplay with realistic court surfaces and a huge range of unique player styles and characteristics. Well I played this game and I suggest if you are not good at tennis just ignore the game it’s pretty hard to play and even harder to master so just don’t waste your time on it. Still if you want to play download it from the link.


Download from :

Price : Free.

3.Stick cricket super sixes: Now you have downloaded stick cricket played it, enjoyed it now what want something more try Stick cricket super sixes the ultimate cricket battle between man and machine. Hit the ball at correct time and Bam… You have yourself a six the main motive of this game. Hit as many sixes as you can v/s. the machine and win the game the 2 button control still applies to it.

Download from

Price: Free

Bottom line: If you have a nice android smartphone these are the games you ought not miss these games can make you play them on and on for long hours so what are you waiting for go download them on your Android smart phone.  Specially the cricket once.

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