Must have apps for android part 1

Hi guys was out for some time so was unable to keep you updated. So today I am going to tell you about some of the must have for any mobile with android OS so let’s start

Memory booster : this is one of the best app to clear you ram and optimize your phones performance once you have this in your phone you are all sorted whenever you feel your phone hanging or lagging just one click on the widget can work wonders for the phone as it frees up background apps which hog on ram and make your phone lag like hell. So go get downloading.

Avast! mobile security.    If you download un-official content on your phone or you take apps from your friends there is always a security threat like virus, Trojans etc. so once you download this free app you can use it to schedule scans for virus and if you buy the pro version there’s a lot more if your phone is rooted you can also use the anti- theft feature to remotely wipe the data off your phone if it’s stolen or lost.

Download from :

File manager: one of the best feature of android is it being open source so you can cut, copy, paste, move and do a lot more with the help just a click so go get downloading as this is a must have for all the phones.

Download from :

App saver: Well as the name might suggest that this app help in saving the apps downloaded from the play store for future use on your memory card. this is one of the must have app for all android users.

Download from :


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