The must have apps part 2

Hi guys this is the second and final part of must have apps so lets start

Nova Launcher/apex launcher : This is a must have app for every Samsung, HTC, Lenovo user as there OEM use a very bad UI with the likes of touch wiz from Samsung and sense from HTC which does not provide the vanilla android experience these 2 launchers can help you to get that vanilla android look and feel and what more it also offers users a lot of customization on the home screen and stuff a lot of nice custom themes and a lot of other things people who like go launcher will fall in love with launchers once they get used to this. I use it every day and it’s one of the app’s available for free so go get downloading.

Where to download:

Winamp: It’s a music player specially  for android 2.3 and bellow as they had some bad music players so winamp to the rescue this is really a good music player and has lot of features I won’t say a lot a lot it just go get downloading  and see the difference.

Where to download :

Aldiko:  If you are a e-book buff like I am this is a must have for you it makes reading eBooks a lot easier and a lot more organized I use it every day and it’s a nifty little app that too for free so go and download it.

Where to download: :


NQ call blocker : do you have someone calling you intentionally to irritate you or trouble you if yes this just might be the perfect app for you. This app helps you block no. you don’t want to attend and there are a few ways to disconnect the call where this app can pick up the call and cut it or a one ring cut or directly doesn’t let the no come to you it is a very nice app to use.

Where to download :



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